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ROLE MODEL is a global social conscious lifestyle publication and brand for every girl, everywhere. We are committed to empowering the next generation of fearless, confident female leaders on their journey to becoming their best selves.

 Role Model directly impacts  thousands of girls between the ages 9-24 though our publication and events annually. Since our inception our distribution has grown to over 4 countries. Role Model nurtures young girls into smart, strong, bold , confident, and service-minded global leaders. We do this by introducing girls to positive positive role models, establishing partnerships and building relationships with adult mentors and peers; teaching life, college, career skills and engaging girls in service projects through our mentorship programs both locally and globally.

"The Role Model Magazine is more than a Magazine. It is the compass that guides every girl, everywhere trying to navigate through life's beautiful journey. Equipping her with tips and tools to chart her own authentic course and embrace  her true beauty"

—Sandra Brogdon, Founder





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ROLE MODEL offers various community engagement activities for girls and her circle of influence: Moms, mentors, educators, community leaders and organizations with the goal to engage and empower young women to live their best lives, realize her dreams and fulfill their greatest potential. Our main areas of focus are : Education, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Arts, Health and Wellness



The role model resource guide  is an exclusive resource guide for girls, Moms, Mentors and Educators, that connects  them with  people, places and organizations that are geared towards inspiring and empowering every girl, everywhere to realize her dreams and fulfill her greatest promise. 

This guide serves as a source of confidence, hope, inspiration and will help you raise Smart, Strong, Healthy, inspired girls.